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Amnesty International - Imagine

As the world’s largest human rights organization, Amnesty International needed a way to promote human rights at the start of the 21st century and in the aftermath of 9/11. The answer came down to a song. Yoko Ono generously granted global rights to use John Lennon’s classic anthem “Imagine” as the centerpiece for one of the largest media campaigns in Amnesty’s history. Our team led a widespread collaboration of partners to bring the song’s message to the next generation. The campaign began with a film crew traveling to four continents to film and record children singing “Imagine.” And artists from Jack Johnson to Willie Nelson recorded their own interpretations for animated PSAs and an upcoming CD release.

During its run, more than 65 countries participated in the Imagine campaign. Media tools created include a website, full-length music video, audio downloads, viral postcards, TV & radio PSAs, print ads, outdoor, merchandise, special events, and various educational materials including activist kits. In addition to increases in donated media and awareness, an Edelman Survey of NGOs reported that during the period of Imagine, AI’s approval ratings in the U.S. market rose markedly, while those of other relevant NGOs declined.