Citizen is dedicated to building “citizen brands.” In an age of increasing transparency, corporate image campaigns are no longer enough. Brands today are clearly being shaped from the top down and bottom up. And there is an increasing expectation among consumers for companies and organizations to show evidence of their pro-social commitment.

While doing the right thing has always been a worthy aim, today it is an imperative. Successful brands must truly embody the values they promote, and walk their talk. Citizen helps its clients shape values-based brand strategies, and then brings them to life through compelling initiatives that inspire, inform, and invite audiences to participate. Call it “the quadruple bottom line” - developing programs that support people, planet, and profits, by igniting the passions of our audiences.

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What we do.

Citizen's experienced team helps its clients:

  1. Shape values-based brand strategies
  2. Develop compelling marketing programs & 360° brand experiences
  3. Create new forms of participation and community engagement
  4. Enhance reputations for socially-minded companies